Monday, January 2, 2017

On the 2nd Day

It snowed only 3-4 inches last night, but the wind blew. There are a whole lot of closed roads in Adams and Grant Counties. Even portions of Interstate 90 have been closed down in the Ellensburg area. With blowing snow, the visibility was way below zero! Sheriffs of both counties have been telling people to just stay at home. Now, due to falling temperatures, there are lots of warnings this evening about the dangers of wind chill.

The bird feeder had been very busy today. I refilled it this morning when I went out to scatter wheat for the quail. We've had anywhere from a dozen to two dozen birds at the feeder at any one time. We spotted a new one in the bunch - at first when we saw the red breast, we thought it was a young robin. But wait, that wasn't snow on its breast, it actually was white feathers. So out came the bird books. Unfortunately, this wasn't a new Life Bird for Forry, but it was for me. A Spotted Towhee is a very pretty bird!

We pretty much stayed inside today. I didn't go outside except to take care of the birds, but Forry did go out and empty the tanks so that I could start on the laundry. I put a pork sirloin roast in the oven along with some cubes of butternut squash for tonight's dinner.

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