Saturday, January 21, 2017

Funny Ice Snow

It was actually warm today! Forry says it was close to 50 degrees. When you look outside at the snow, however, it's hard to tell it is even melting. There is a thick hard layer of ice on top of the snow. Underneath the ice, it has been thawing and the snow is super saturated. When you walk on it, you break through the icy top and then your shoes get soaked! You are literally stepping into several inches of suspended water.

I'll be glad when this last bag of bird feed is finished (I think there's enough left to fill the feeder one more time.). The birds don't like some of the stuff in it and they've dropped a considerable amount on the ground. The quail scratch through it and take what they like, but there's still a big mess on the ground. I've got a new bag in the car of the stuff they liked better, so as soon as this bag is finished...

Our Granddaughter Kyra took a bus early this morning from her university (Eastern Mennonite University) to Washington DC to participate in the Woman's March. She was one of several hundred thousand people who marched in DC. We tried to spot her on TV - she said she'd be wearing a pink hat...!

I followed the various marches in the many cities all day on Facebook. Our daughters marched in Bellingham and Salem.  There were marches in just about every town and city in the US and in 60+ cities around the world. There was one on every continent including Antarctica! It was interesting to see all of the creative and colorful signs - and all of the pink hats!

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