Sunday, January 1, 2017


So it is once more a new year. You would think after all of them that we have seen, we wouldn't get at all excited about another one. But, we stay up late and wait for it just like everyone else. I must admit, I can take fireworks or leave them most of the time. But, the show Seattle put on last night was amazing!  We watched on television as they set off a solid ten minutes of pyrotechnics from -- the Space Needle! The incredible colors were set off from all the various levels of the Needle. It was spectacular even when we saw it again today.

We were up early this morning. As we didn't get the forecasted snow last night, the roads were bare and dry as we headed for Menno. We stopped at Lowes on the way home and purchased another small electric heater. Forry is concerned that if it gets as cold as they are predicting, we'll need a heater in the bedroom.

There were a few stray snowflakes as we drove home. By mid-afternoon it seriously started to snow. We only got about two inches, but then the wind started to blow. I have a feeling that there are going to be some serious drifts in the morning.

We watched the rather sloppy, but successful Seahawks game this afternoon; took a nap; and had a long chat with Daughter Dawn who had just returned from celebrating her fiftieth birthday weekend with her friends. I baked sweet potatoes and grilled lamb chops for supper. And that's how we spent the first rather quiet day of 2017.

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