Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Strange Day

It was a strange day indeed. Waking up to the news of Trump's election was tough. I am very saddened by this man's election. It didn't help to hear a couple of people say they only voted for him to make a protest statement - they never expected he would be elected...

Forry drained the tanks this morning and I finished the last load of laundry. I started on the vacuuming, getting the bedroom and the bathroom area done. Neither of us does well with vacuuming. We've both had back surgery and vacuuming quickly starts painful backs.

I went into Moses Lake to go to Women's Bible Study this evening. It seemed strange to go to Monroe House and not visit with Vic before the study session. He's been moved to a Group Home where they offer more skilled care than Monroe House can provide.

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