Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's Fixed!

After almost two months of putting up with extension cords all over the place and no power in any of the outlets, it is finally fixed! I called Chris this morning to remind him he was scheduled to come out today. He said he'd be out as soon as his wife got back to the office and sure enough he showed up about one thirty with our heated hose in hand.

He said he had been dreaming about our electrical problem and playing around with the old inverter he had removed. He realized some of the wires were reversed. He took care of that, then rewired the GCIF switch in the bathroom and voila!  there was power in the outlets.  Best of all, he didn't charge us anything more! He said he should have figured it out the first time he was here!

Anyway it is nice to be able to put all the extension cords away and to be able to fully close the window screen that had cords going to the outside power pole. I had to also remove the duct tape I had used on the screen opening to keep the flies out. And even better, the built-in vacuum cleaner works again! (You know what I'll be doing tomorrow...)

The USPS truck showed up as it was getting dark with both my package from Costco and our prescriptions from Group Health. (Now I know why I have found packages by our steps instead of in the mailbox!)

We are watching the voting results on TV as they come in. I am somewhat surprised at how close the vote is in some states. I guess we probably really won't know for sure until in the morning...

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