Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Very Busy Sunday

Figuring we'd be going out to lunch today, we skipped breakfast. Might not have been a real good idea, as I could hear Forry's stomach growling during the sermon! We met Leslie and Bill at the ParknRide lot, they left the Yellow Taxi there and rode out to Menno with us. We didn't stay for Sunday School, but headed back to Moses Lake for lunch. The breakfast place we ate at the last time they were here on a Sunday morning has new owners and the reviews aren't very good, so we ended up going to Michael's On the Lake. They weren't serving breakfast, so we ended up eating lunch. Their lunch menu had an apple tart with orange syrup and ice cream under desserts. Forry decided that came as close to the pancakes he was hungry for, so that's what he had for lunch while the rest of us were more traditional. But, he raved so much about his choice that we ended up getting another one to share for dessert!

Bill and Leslie picked up their car and headed back to the west side while Forry and I went up to the hospital to visit Vic. Old Flying Farmer friends, Nina and Jerry, were there when we arrived, so we got to visit with them a bit as well. We stayed for quite a while, then Pastor Mathew showed up. We all talked a bit longer, then we finally headed home. It was after four o'clock when we got back to Auntie Violet.

It was already getting dark, so Forry worked on his Suduko while I read the newspapers on my iPad until it was time for the Seahawks game. It was definitely a back and forth battle with the New England Patriots, but the Seahawks won!

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