Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finally, A Quiet Day

As much as I like and enjoy many people, my introvert's soul definitely needs down time! We slept in this morning. After listening to rain most of the night, it was nice to wake up to sunshine.

I finished up the last load of laundry that I didn't finish yesterday when Forry needed help outside. I think I did a few other little things like go after the mail, but that was about it. I curled up in my chair with my iPad and read most of the afternoon away.

I made a batch of stew for supper with carrots, parsnips, turnips, a sweet potato, a Yukon gold potato and an onion. For a change I tried thickening it a bit with corn meal instead of flour, but I don't think I like what it did to the taste. I made biscuits to go with - I think Forry would make a meal of just biscuits if he could...

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