Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Visit With Vic

We took our time this morning getting our showers and putting stuff away from our overnight trip to Touchet. The batteries for our car fobs finally arrived in today's mail - only three weeks after I ordered them and four days after the projected arrival date! They came from Brooklyn, New York. It said on the envelope:
Surface Mail Only, Primary Lithium Batteries. Forbidden for Transportation Aboard Passenger Aircraft
 This package contains lithium metal cells or batteries. This package must be handled with care; a flammable hazard may exist if the package is damaged. Special procedures must be followed if the package is damaged, including inspection and repacking if necessary. Damaged batteries or cells should not be transported except under appropriate conditions.
From the mail box, we headed for Ephrata and spent an hour with Vic. He was up in a wheelchair when we got there and looked a great deal better than when saw him last Tuesday. It was good to see him alert and coherent.

From Ephrata, we returned to Moses Lake and a quick grocery stop. Seems like we're always needing something from there. I bought a frozen pizza to cook for supper when we got home.

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