Saturday, November 19, 2016


We had two goals today. One was to go spend some time with Vic and the other was to get groceries. We weren't up terribly early. It had rained off and on during the night and it was quite dark and overcast when we got up.

We headed for Ephrata in the early afternoon. I took my iPad along, figuring if Vic was sleeping, we could just sit in his room with him. When we got there, the nursing staff was in his room getting him settled in his bed. They came and got us when they were finished. He didn't get to rest very long as the Occupational Therapist we had met last Wednesday came in with a nurse and a Hoyer lift to get him up for some therapy. We followed the wheelchair down to the PT department where Harmon put him through a series of exercises, both leg and arm strengthening stuff.

After his therapy, he was resettled in bed. I shared with him the members of the Search Committee and our plans for meeting on Monday. He was quite interested and talked a bit about previous pastors.  But he was tired and soon dozed off...

We left just before five, heading back to Moses Lake to get groceries before we headed home. Having no desire to cook dinner, we made a stop at KFC for chicken...

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