Thursday, November 10, 2016

Vacuums and Groceries

It was another very nice, very warm day. There is over a forty degree spread between night and afternoon temperatures. We took advantage of the warmth and went outside and re-leveled the coach. We needed to put the jack pads down and put the extra jacks under the large living room slide on the passenger side. It's a bit tricky as the jacks have to be set so that the hydraulic slides for the basement bays don't hit them and they can still be opened. While we were outside, I gathered up the two hoses I had used to water the flowers and stored them in the shed.

I was so glad to have the house vacuum working again that I got ambitious and finished the vacuuming. I think the Chinese rug in the living room could be vacuumed a couple more times and you'd still get more hair and dirt picked up. I took all of the throw rugs outside and shook them well. I don't think they need washing again yet...

Then we decided we really needed to go into town and get groceries! I haven't done a heavy duty shopping trip for several weeks (we've been traveling too much!), so we were really out of staples. I bought lots of ingredients for making soup and stews: carrots, parsnips, turnips, noodles etc. I must have had the slowest ever checker in creation - he literally moved in slow motion. He was a young guy and I don't think his mother must have ever cooked anything from scratch. He didn't know what anything was and kept asking me what I was going to do with it. He asked what the Brussels sprouts were. When I told him, he said he had heard they "tasted awful!" He rang my head of cabbage up as iceberg lettuce. When I corrected him, he wanted to know what the difference was. Poor guy.

Tired, we stopped at El Rey for supper. Forry had some really good shrimp and I had a dish called Mexican beef steak. It was delicious!

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