Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Trip to Ephrata

I did the last load of laundry this morning, then picked up a few things and got a bit more organized. Then we left for Ephrata and Columbia Basin Hospital to visit Vic. They had moved him down the hall to a room closer to the Nurses' Station. He's not had the strength in his hands to use the call bell, so they moved him closer so that they can hear him call out.

His daughter Pam was already there when we arrived, so we had a chance for a good visit with her. Vic was so much improved today from when we last saw him on Saturday. He was much more alert and cognizant of what was going on. I told him we were leaving for Touchet tomorrow, so would not be back over to see him until Saturday. He told me that that was an awful long time!

We stopped in Moses Lake on the way home to have dinner at Denny's. It's one of those places you just go to eat, nothing special. We order off the Senior Menu, which is plenty for us.

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