Friday, November 4, 2016


It took a while, but we got ourselves organized and on the road again. This time we were heading for Keizer, Oregon. Todd and Daughter Dawn are hosting a reception for Granddaughter Havela and Ben at the Salem Mennonite Church tomorrow afternoon.

It was a beautiful day to drive through the Columbia Gorge. It was probably prettier a week or so ago, but there was still a great deal of autumn colors. There is also a great deal of green grass showing along the cliffs. There has been so much rain as well as warm weather that the grass is sprouting!

We made a detour to the little town of Boring, Oregon to visit the Boring Brewing Company. Forry's Sister Grace's son John opened this small brewery a few years ago. He's been wanting to stop and visit ever since Grace's husband Les told him about it.  John was not there when we stopped at the tasting room, but his wife was. She texted John and he soon arrived with their son, Bo. We had a very pleasant visit - and even sampled a few beers. We ended up taking a growler with us.

By the time we got back to I-5, we were fortunate to be just in time for rush hour traffic. It was a slow trip, but we finally got to Dawn and Todd's house. Just in time for spaghetti dinner! It was so good to see everyone again.

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