Sunday, November 27, 2016

Quiet Sunday

The first thing I did this morning was check my iPad to see how our friends Leslie and Bill were doing. They are in Florida, walking in the 45th Space Coast 1/2 Marathon. The first post I saw was a picture of Bill at Mile 12, so they were almost finished. They had actually started at 6 AM Florida time. This is the first marathon they have done since Bill's near death experience at Epcot last month. His cardiologists okayed him doing the half marathon, but only to walk not run.

Knowing our friends were doing okay, we headed for church at Menno. We had to make a quick stop at the Chevron station for gas as we hadn't refueled on the way home last night. It was a beautiful day  for a drive in the country.

I think our busy week caught up with us by the time we returned home. We both napped through most of the sad Seahawks game.

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