Thursday, November 17, 2016


Some of the ladies of Sun Desert get together at the Clubhouse every Thursday morning at nine in the morning for coffee and chitchat. It's been a fun way to get to know some of the neighbors. Between ten and twelve of the ladies are usually present.

I was a bit late this morning. (It was cold and I wasn't anxious to climb out of my warm bed!) I arrived about ten after nine and almost turned around and walked out the door! There was quite a shouting match going on between two of the women. One was the neighbor who lives directly behind us in one of the mobile homes and the other was evidently her neighbor on the other side. I wasn't sure if the argument was about their dogs chasing each other or infringement upon parking spaces. Seems they were both angry and were throwing in everything that irritated each other!

One of them finally left and things settled down and it was back to the usual discussions of projects and grandkids. It did bring home to me how much I dislike dissension! I don't ever recall getting into it with neighbors, not even the kid in Spokane who led his dog over to do its business in our driveway because his Dad made him pick it up if he did it in their yard! I just told him we expected the same in our yard as his Dad and that was the end of that!

It was COLD when we got up this morning! Forry said it was 30 degrees when he got up this morning. It's been a beautiful, though wet, fall. We've only had frost one night more than a month ago. Everyone's flowers are still blooming. But, I think that this is the end of our nice weather.

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