Thursday, November 24, 2016

Big Dogs and Roast Beast

And Creme Brûlée, and crab cocktails and popovers and mashed potatoes! And now we're eating pecan pie made with maple syrup and bourbon! Sister Sherry and I totally vetoed having turkey, she bought a standing rib roast instead. We also decided we would "graze" instead of having a big sit-down meal. There are some distinct advantages to being old ladies! And to not having a big crowd around!

We drove down to Strohmaier Farm this morning with pecans, walnuts, crab cocktail and a bottle of bourbon (strictly for the pie of course!) in the cooler. We were met by the gate by Sister Sherry and Keiko San, her 230 pound plus, five year old mastiff. The other two lady mastiffs were waiting in the house.

We've had a good day. We worked off a wee bit of calories walking out to the shop and then to the chicken house to do chores. The chickens were already up in their roosts for the night when we got out to shut them in.

Tomorrow we've got the makings for roast beef sandwiches with au jus we made from the roast drippings. We're going to make some Christmas cookies as well. It's fun to just work together in the kitchen with my sister!

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