Friday, November 25, 2016


When I got up this morning and came downstairs about seven, Sister Sherry was already mixing cookie dough. We had decided yesterday to make Mother's wedding cake cookies, bourbon balls and one with chocolate kisses. Sherry had checked out several baking sites on the internet and had also hauled out her old recipe box. It was sort of funny to see all the different variations there are of the same cookie.

The prize of the day was a recipe Sherry found for the kisses that used a peanut butter cookie for the base. You baked the little balls of dough for nine minutes; removed the tray from the oven; quickly and firmly pressed a kiss into the center of each cookie; then popped them back into the oven for two minutes more. They turned out to be delightful little morsels.

Sherry mixed dough and I sat at the table and made balls - lots and lots of balls! All the recipes we chose had you make balls of the dough. Even the bourbon balls, which weren't baked called for making them into balls that were rolled in powdered sugar before they were chilled. The bourbon balls were good. But we decided they needed to age for a few weeks to become their tastiest.

We had leftover roast beef sandwiches with the au jus we made from the roast drippings yesterday along with leftover crab cocktail. Forry and Sherry had pecan pie for breakfast! All in all, it was a very pleasant day, even though the Cougs didn't win the Apple Cup!

We got home just before dark, tired and full, and thankful for family!

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