Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We planned a trip to Spokane today. One item on my list was a haircut. The impulse I had four months ago to cut my long hair has one major drawback. In order to have "wash and wear" hair that settles into waves all by itself, it has to be cut again every couple of months! Otherwise it gets about an inch too long and the weight pulls the baby fine stuff straight again.

I had called yesterday to see what days Becky was working this week. Since today was one of her workdays, that's the first stop we made. There is something just plain nice about having someone else shampoo your hair.

Our next stop was Costco. I got a couple more long sleeved shirts for both of us plus took a couple back that didn't fit well. It was a VERY busy place today! Forry did replenish his supply of hearing aid batteries - much to my relief.

We stopped next to pick up Son Sean, then went out on the Spokane Pullman highway where we have a storage unit. We were hoping to haul some of the stuff down to the RV, but after looking it over decided we didn't have room in Toad II. It may have to wait for another day and perhaps borrowing or renting a pickup...

It was still fairly early, but we went up to Gordy's Szechuan on the South Hill in hopes they would be open. They were and we shared a great meal of apricot chicken (a little on the sweet side), while Sean had peppered beef, which was also very good.

A stop in Moses Lake for gas and ice cream, but we finally made it back home on this very chilly but productive day.

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