Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Visit..

After a fall that left fractures in his pelvis, our dear friend Vic was moved from the hospital to the rehab facility at Ephrata yesterday. I haven't been in the Columbia Basin Hospital facility there for over thirty years - not since a clinical rotation there as a student LPN at Big Bend Community College. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised when we got there this afternoon. It has been extensively remodeled and is quite nice. The rooms are all single person rooms with private baths.

From Ephrata we traveled back to Moses Lake; got Forry a burger; then went over to Monroe House for our Woman's Bible Study. Forry sat in the lobby and read the newspaper while he waited for me.

Earlier today I had put together both an email group and a text group for the Search Committee for our new pastor that I am chairing. Not being certain if the email addresses in the church directory were still accurate, I duplicated my message. One of the first things we'll have to do when we meet next week is to figure out the best way to contact every one.

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