Saturday, November 12, 2016


I will be the first person to admit that we have some interesting friends. It does make for fun times.

Our friends Leslie and Bill are planning to walk in the Space Coast Half Marathon in Florida the end of November (after he had been cleared by his cardiologists!). Their training regimen called for them to walk four hours (10-11 miles) today. Leslie did not want to walk in the rain predicted for Bothell today, so last night they drove the four hours over to Moses Lake. This morning they drove out to Sun Desert, I fed them some eggs and bacon and they started walking. Forry rode his cart along with them for the first couple of miles, then he came in and they kept going.

By 1:30, they had walked 10 1/2 miles around and around the RV park and called it a successful day. It actually turned out to be a really nice day. The wind blew hard enough to blow the fog away that had hung around the last couple of days and the sun came out.

Bill and Leslie then went back to their motel and took cold baths to ward off leg cramps - and to shower! While they were gone, I browned some pine nuts in butter to add to the Brussels sprouts, gave the steaks a dry rub with lime pepper and stuck some Yukon Gold potatoes into the oven to bake. So all I had to do when they got back was put the steaks on to grill.

Bill and Leslie picked up some butter for me on their way out and also got a gluten free chocolate cake and strawberries - just in case we might have room for dessert! What a delightful day we have had.

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