Monday, November 21, 2016


I spent a good share of my day working on paperwork for my meeting tonight. I am chairing the Search Committee at Menno as we look for a new pastor. Unlike many more centralized church denominations, Mennonite Churches do not get pastors assigned by from a centralized location. Each church chooses and recruits their own pastor(s). We do get assistance from the area conference.

Our District Pastor Gary Jewell is serving as interim pastor for the church in Albany, Oregon. He was on his way back to Spokane today, so agreed to meet with the Search Committee on his way home. Since it was dinnertime, my dear friend Katherine sent a crock pot of beef vegetable soup and a basket of bread along to the meeting with her hubby! So along with our meeting, we had a feast as well.

The good thing about having to get agendas and other stuff printed is I got my printer working again. Ever since I used my laptop at the auction in early October with a different printer, my home printer has been refusing to communicate with it. Today it must have quit pouting and the two of them worked together with no problems (fingers crossed as I type...!).

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