Thursday, February 9, 2017

Add a Little Rain...

Early last evening, it rained just before it froze. There was just enough rain to put a shiny surface on the top of the six or seven inches of new snow. We could see the reflection of the yard light on top of the very shiny snow!

This morning it was incredibly slick! We could see the birds slide along the top of snow when they flew in to eat. We were basically "stuck" inside the RV until the maintenance crew came by about noon to shovel us out. They chipped about a quarter inch of ice off of the step and the walk. It is really treacherous out there!

Forry went out later to clean off the car, which pretty much wore him out. You can lift the top layer of ice off of the snow in big chunks.  It was a gray, overcast day. It warmed up enough to melt everything in time for it to re-freeze after sunset. I went out about seven to scatter wheat for the birds in the morning. Once again, there is a fine layer of ice over everything. The wheat just bounced when I tossed it out.

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