Friday, February 17, 2017

Fog, then Sun

We were fogged in this morning. It was so thick we couldn't see Zola's rig on the other side of the road. I was tired - even after a good night's sleep - and actually took a morning nap. I am still tired this evening. I sure hope I'm not coming down with something.

The sun came out right after lunch and burned off the last of the fog. We got ourselves organized and headed for town and a very overdue shopping trip. (We had only one pod left for the Keurig coffee-maker. Forry was a sweetie and made the last cup of coffee for me.) We didn't have any other chores in town, so grocery shopping didn't take long. We made two stops on the way home. The first was at DQ for ice cream sandwiches and the second at Starbucks to get Forry a venti mocha.

It's been interesting to drive along O'Sullivan Dam the last couple of days. Sullivan Lake has been pretty solidly frozen for the last two months with a layer of snow over the ice. Between the warm days and rain lately, the top layer of snow has melted off. It looks like there is now a layer of water on the top of the ice that looks blue in the sunlight. Moses Lake has had some open water all winter long - probably where the springs are. The rest of the lake is pretty frozen and has the same look. It will be fun to watch as the ice on the lakes continues to melt and break up. Too bad it's not safe to walk out and see how mushy it's getting.

We have had three doves eating the feed spilled on the ground under the feeder all winter. Yesterday, suddenly there were almost thirty of them helping themselves to the quail's wheat. I'm assuming they had gone further south for the winter and are now returning. I think I have also heard some returning Sandhill Cranes. They were too high for positive identification, but I think Spring is on its way!

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