Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Monday

I had very good intentions today of getting the bank statements for our personal account today and finishing up - or at least getting a very good start - on the Quicken account. The way the bank has their online accounts set up, you can only see statements from a laptop, not from the mobile app on my iPad. Something has gotten messed up on my ASUS laptop. I absolutely cannot connect to the internet with it. I even hooked up Forry's old computer and was able to connect with his, but I can't print with his, it doesn't have the proper drivers. So I tried looking at the statements on his computer while entering the data on mine. It might have worked, but the bank site kept saying I had been on long enough and kicking me off. Then I couldn't get back on at all. I got so frustrated, I just gave up!

I have a couple of ideas I can try tomorrow. It's sure to be a better day!

It was another gorgeous sunshiny day today. When I went out to fill the bird feeder, the ice on the path across the patio was actually breaking up and rotten. Forry took some letters up to the mailbox to be sent (our school ballots had to be postmarked by tomorrow) and he said the ice on the park roads was breaking up as well.

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