Wednesday, February 8, 2017

And It Snowed...

It was snowing when we got up this morning. And it snowed. And it snowed. Sometimes it was light and sometimes it was heavy. Sometimes it was big fat flakes, sometimes it was fine almost rainlike, but it just kept coming down.

I went out to fill the bird feeder. I swept about four inches of snow off the steps. By the time I had gone out and retrieved the feeder, filled it and returned it to the hook, there was a 1/4 inch of new snow on the step again. It looks like there is now a good seven inches of new snow outside. And is supposed to snow again tonight!

I got a bit ambitious today and cleaned the bathroom and the sink area. I have neglected both while I was waiting for Forry to finish working on the electrical outlet by the sink. I finally just cleaned around and under his tools and put them back.

I'm thinking it was a good thing we went into town Monday and restocked groceries. Bible Study in Moses Lake tonight was cancelled due to the weather as was tomorrow's Mission Society meeting. The wind has been blowing, so I'm assuming there are drifts on many of the roads. Both the public and private schools in Moses Lake are closed tomorrow.

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