Tuesday, February 14, 2017

An AHA Moment

I woke up this morning and thought I knew what to do. And I was right

I used to chuckle at the IT guy at Washington State University in Spokane when he would do that. We would have a computer issue that would have him puzzled, then he would come in the next morning "knowing" how to to fix it. He credited his subconscious with figuring it out.

I had been using the "mobile" app for our credit union on my iPad. The Help Desk had verified with me that you could not access bank statements from the mobile app. What I realized this morning was that I could use Safari on the iPad and go to the regular credit union website accessing our account from there. And the regular website has the bank statements on it!

So I spent the rest of the morning preparing our personal account for our taxes. I got the first three months done anyway.

It was a very different day today. Instead of the beautiful sunshine we have been blessed with the last few days, we were back to a grey, overcast foggy day. And it was cold again this morning. I think it only heated up to 37 degrees this afternoon. We again have a Winter Storm Warning in place, this time for freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. The red-wing blackbirds are back. There were forty or more at a time raiding the bird feeder.

I found myself on the phone and email a good share of the day, working on both Search Committee business and the service for this coming Sunday as well as conferring with Diane about March's Lenten Soup Supper. It was another good day.

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