Monday, February 27, 2017

Happiness is....

Happiness is not being stuck on the other side of the mountains. I am so glad we resisted the impulse to stay another night! The highways and Snoqualmie Pass are a mess today! I-5 was closed because of a propane/butane tanker rollover. 1-90 was closed both ways at the Pass due to multiple collisions and even 405 was shut down. We had seriously considered staying over, but the roads were so good, we just kept going. Thank goodness!

We started off the day delightfully with a Skype video call from Granddaughter Havela and Greatgranddaughter Kahlyn. Kahlyn was having her lunch while we were having breakfast. She is getting to be a big girl and is definitely not a baby anymore. Havela seems to be enjoying her CNA classes and looks great.

Other than refilling the bird feeder and scattering wheat, I didn't go outside all day. I did a load of laundry and washed the dishes and that was about it.

I had recorded Nashville last Thursday night while we were at the Sun Desert dinner at Mike's Place. Unfortunately, I've read a couple of spoilers, so have put off watching it, knowing Rayna was going to die. I finally got brave enough to watch it this morning. Sure enough, it was a tear jerker. Forry kept asking me why I was letting "just a soap opera" get to me...

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  1. Men they just don't get it. Although Bill shed tears when McDreamy died.