Saturday, February 4, 2017

Snow and Sunshine

Wouldn't you know, the sun was shining this morning - on the snow that had fallen during the night! The forecast said it would snow again this evening, but it hasn't started yet.  The maintenance crew came by again this morning and shoveled us out once more.

It warmed up again during the day, melting the snow off of Auntie Violet's roof and slide outs. I got a bunch of melting cold water down my back when I went out to get wheat out of the bucket to scatter for the quail. Forry cleaned off Toad II enough to take the garbage over to the can and go up to check the mail. The park roads are pretty slippery. The underlying compacted snow is now ice with the fresh wet snow on top of it.

We didn't do a lot today. Granddaughter Havela posted some darling pictures of little Kahlyn. She is getting so big already. Her Mama says she is well on her way to being a "terrible two!" But I don't believe that can possibly be right.

I baked a couple of sweet potatoes for supper, then fixed a couple of boneless pork chops with fried apples and white wine. I think I used the last of the apples I had gotten from Tonnemaker's Fruit Stand last fall.

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