Saturday, February 11, 2017

End of the Week

It was another lovely sunshiny day. Forry said it almost got up to fifty degrees this afternoon. I had the window by my chair open and I could hear the water from the melting snow as it dripped off the roof. The melting has a long way to go as the roads in the park are still sheets of glassy ice. The only place you can can even see gravel is where the tractor driver scraped as he loaded the snow he had cleared.

It was a good afternoon for checking in with family. First we chatted with Daughter MM in Mount Vernon and got caught up with the goings-on there. Then I tried to Skype with Granddaughter Havelita in Illinois. The connection was not good - we haven't had much luck lately - so we ended up just talking on the phone. GGranddaughter Kahlyn was not in the mood to visit, we just got a glimpse of her little butt disappearing up the stairs as she went looking for her Uncle Cam. Havela is taking local CNA classes and it sounds like she is enjoying her studies.

Next I got a video call over Messenger from Granddaughter Kyra in Virginia. She is a freshman at Eastern Mennonite University. This was the first time we had tried a video chat. We didn't have sound at first, so hung up and retried it and it worked beautifully. I even got to "meet" one of her roommates.

I had just spent an hour or so sending off Valentine cards and gifts for all the grandkids and our great grand baby, so it was fun to talk to a couple of them. I had tried to get it done earlier this week, but the internet was just not cooperating with me.

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