Thursday, February 23, 2017

People Day

The day started with coffee at the Clubhouse. The sun was shining, so I decided to walk. It had frozen during the night, so the puddles in the road were covered with sheets of ice. But the ruts were frozen as well, so it was easy walking. There was about a ten foot strip of icy crusty snow between the road and the clear grass by the Clubhouse. There were big footprints across the snow. As long as I stepped in them, I didn't break through the crust.

I was early, so started the coffee. We ended up with a pretty good crowd of ladies. I think everyone was ready to be out and about on a nice sunny morning.

The Sun Desert crew got together again this evening complete with spouses. The fourth Thursday is potluck day for the park. This month we had decided to go to Mike's Place for dinner instead of a potluck, then adjourn to the Clubhouse for dessert. A good share of the folks that came are the permanent residents of the park, some of which we've gotten to know.

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