Monday, February 20, 2017

Rainy Monday Morning

The morning started with a monkey wrench thrown into our plans for a potluck after church when our possible Interim Pastors visit the weekend of the 12th. Turns out there was already a bowling party and taco luncheon planned for that Sunday. But, to me, it wasn't that big a deal. Instead of having a potluck, we'll just take them with us for the Bowling Party. Some of the people coming aren't bowlers, so there will be plenty of opportunities for casual visiting.

After some phone calls and texts, we got everything back on track. So far, almost everyone I've talked to has been super cooperative about pitching in to help. I think it will be a good visit.

It rained off and on again throughout the night. It tapered off in the early afternoon and we actually had sunshine for a while. The snow level is gradually going down. There is still a lot of it, the icy layers seem to be keeping it from melting too fast.

We have had more flocks of doves and male redwing blackbirds coming in for feed. We think we may have spotted a female blackbird in the flock. The males seem to arrive first, then the females. If we're beginning to see females, can Spring be coming also?

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