Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another Happy Day

The sun actually came out for a short time this morning while I was over at the Clubhouse for this morning's Koffee Klatch. But it didn't last! We were quickly back to another gray overcast day. It was slick after it froze during the night on yesterday's rain. Louie, from the Maintenance Crew, met each of the ladies at their car as we drove up; then gave us an arm as we walked across the ice he was breaking up with a shovel. Sure glad he was there!

I split the rest of the day between working on Search Committee stuff and adding three more months to Quicken. That means I am 3/4 done and I should be able to finish up tomorrow. The sink drain was "gurgling," so Forry went out and drained the tanks.

Today was our Niece Ashley's 30th birthday. This evening, we joined Brother Pat and Cindy; Ashley and her husband Kyle and their kids, Jackson and Peyton; Niece Becky and David and their kids, Carter, Case and Kiera; and Nephew Nick at Rock Top in Moses Lake to celebrate. Rock Top is noted for their hamburgers, which is what we enjoyed. Though we have seen Pat and Cindy's grandchildren often this winter, it is amazing how quickly they are growing up and changing.

It was foggy coming out of Moses Lake tonight, but it cleared up the closer we got to Sun Desert. We were watching for the deer all the ladies at Koffee said they'd been seeing, but didn't spot any. I traded Pat an empty bucket for another full one of wheat. Keeping the quail - and the doves - happy too.

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