Sunday, February 26, 2017

Home Again

We looked out of the window at Daughter MM's this morning and saw white! There wasn't a whole lot, sort of a skiff on the ground, with some fat white flakes still coming down. By the time we all got ourselves organized and headed out for brunch, it had pretty much stopped. We went back to CSquare where we had eaten last night.

Grandson Varick is quite enamored with their chicken and biscuits and gravy and talked Grandpa into trying it as well. Scott and Granddaughter Claire decided on French toast while MM and I tried the pork belly hash. It was all good. Before heading home, we stopped at their bakery and cured meat section and purchased some bacon, some pancetta, a loaf of bread and some duck fat. Such a fun shop to find in Mount Vernon!

We had been checking the DOT's website all morning, checking out the conditions over Snoqualmie Pass. By the time we finished brunch, it was showing clear sailing all the way. After lots of hugs, we headed out. You could see that it had snowed earlier, but the highway was clear and mostly dry. We caught up with the snowstorm on the other side of the Pass. We drove through light, non-sticking snow all the way to Ellensburg.

We arrived back at Sun Desert a bit after five o'clock. I filled the bird feeder and scattered some wheat; then we went inside to watch the Academy Awards.

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