Friday, February 10, 2017

And then Sunshine!

The sunshine was so bright this morning, I felt like I should go out to the car and get my sunglasses! It bounced off the shiny bright icy snow and reflected inside the RV. It was so nice after all of the dark gloomy days we've had. It actually got so warm in the RV, we shut both of the heaters off. It was VERY nice!

I vacuumed the bedroom and the bathroom area this afternoon while Forry was outside draining the tanks. It was so nice I actually opened the windows for a couple of hours! It was great to get some fresh air into the rig - at least it was until the neighbor fired up his wood stove...

I went out to refill the empty bird feeder and replace the Nyger seed bag in the little tree. The maintenance crew had shoveled a path to the bird feeder, but I had to wade through the snow to get over to the tree. The snow is deep under the ice crust in spite of the melting that's been going on and my feet got soaked.

The last of the snow melted off Toad II, so Forry took the garbage out (we'd saved it up while iced in) and went up to get the mail. Daughter MM had sent a box of mail over for me to sort through. Lots of stuff for the tax accountant, a few bills, and some late Christmas surprises. Among them was a copy of Grandson Varick's Data Dump, Musings of an Engineer Poet. What a delightful surprise!

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