Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SNOW? Again?

I was up at 4 am, looked out the window, and saw a skiff of new snow on the patio and on the car! It had been raining when we went to bed and it was raining again when we got up later this morning. By ten, all trace of the early snow was gone. We are seeing more and more of the patio and even a bit of the grass over by the little tree as the snow gradually melts.

I finished up putting together the information and reports needed for our taxes. I think I have all of the forms that need to go to the CPA. I packed it all up along with a thumb drive., so I'll be able to drop it off at the office tomorrow.

With that done, the bird feeder filled, and wheat scattered for the quail, I had no other excuse left. I finally got my little pail of soapy water and a wash cloth and started on the refrigerator. It has been "smelly" for a couple of days. Seems there was something that got knocked over in the very back...

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