Monday, February 6, 2017


The sunshine was so bright this morning, shining on the new snow. It actually hurt my eyes. Louie was here early with his shovel clearing off a path to the door and over to the storage shed. The other maintenance guy had the big tractor out and was clearing the roads and adding to the big piles of snow already there.

The sharp-shinned hawk came and sat in the little tree by the patio again for a while this morning. He's been feasting on my little birds the last few weeks and he's got them all terribly jumpy. They fly off panicked at any little noise.

I did not have enough feed left to refill the bird feeder. Louie said they had plowed the road up to Highway 17, so we decided to go into Moses Lake and restock. The road was clear, but very wet. When it freezes again tonight, it's going to be very icy and slick!

We went to Lowes and purchased a couple more little bags of nyger seed and a large bag of bird seed. They were out of the smaller 20 pound bags of seed, so we got one of the 35 pound bags. It is quite awkward and heavy to handle. When I got home and opened it, I realized there was no way I was going to lift it and pour out of it. I opened it enough to get the tin can I use for the wheat in and used the little can to fill the feeder.

Aha! I had an empty five gallon bucket that had been filled with wheat that I was saving to return to Brother Pat. I poured the bag of birdseed into that. It filled it to the top! I scattered the little dab that was left along with the wheat unto the paths. Solved that problem!

We had stopped at Safeway and restocked the human supplies as well. I bought a frozen pizza and that's what we had for supper.

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