Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nap Day?

Once we left the still icy roads in the RV park, the roads were dry and bare. Except of course on the curves where the snow alongside was melting and running across the road. (I suppose those will be icy spots when it freezes again tonight...) The fields are really white again after all the snow that fell last week.

Eric Askren was our guest speaker this morning. He's the chaplain at the Correctional Center near Connell. He's a good speaker that I would like to see visit with our Adult SS class about his work. His sermon about Christians being salt and light fit very well with our SS discussions about the ways of peace.

It was another warm sunny day with just a bit of clouds floating around. When we got back home I actually saw some gravel on the road where the ice was starting to break up!

I had recorded the 15/15 Bucking Battle in Kansas City before we left the house this morning (it was broadcast at 9 AM), so we watched it when we got home. It was definitely a day for the bulls - there was only ONE qualified ride! The 15/15s pit the 15 top-ranked bulls against the current top 15 riders. The winners get lots of extra points in the standings, but so far this year, they've been a showcase for the bovine athletes! (Though under the new rules, the bulls are also collecting points all year long for the Bull of the Year competition.)

Enjoying the sun, we both napped until it was time to watch the regular PBR show from Kansas City. I fixed cheese, crackers and some pickles for faspa, then settled in to watch the Grammys. It's been a good day.

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