Sunday, June 29, 2014

94 Years Old!

Our dear friend Vic celebrated his ninety-fourth birthday today at Menno. There was a potluck after church, then his family furnished two kinds of birthday cake. What an incredible amount of things he has seen in those 94 years!

If it hadn't been for the birthday celebration, I probably would have stayed in bed this morning. I was really tired. By the time we got home last night, it was close to midnight and a bit after by the time we actually got to bed.

This is a picture of what it looked like last evening when we taxied into the gates in Minneapolis. You can tell that the thunderstorms had dumped a lot of water on the tarmac. But -- there was that rainbow!

I did give a bit of a report on the Executive Board meeting at church this morning, but since the meat of the report will not be released until Monday afternoon (after all of the affected people have been notified), I had to pretty much speak in generalities.

We did stop over at the ranch -- Forry had remembered the keys this time -- and picked up the bars for the top of the Suzuki. Forry wants to get a carrier for the top of Toad II so that we have a place to store the canopy.

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