Saturday, June 21, 2014

An Outing

Today we went out for the first time since my eye surgery (other than follow-up visits to the eye surgeon). It was interesting to notice the lack of depth perception I have with only the cataract removal and lens replacement in one eye. At the restaurant we stopped at for dinner, the exit area had black rugs laid down on concrete. The contrast between the concrete and the black rug made me feel like there was a step down even though the ground was perfectly level.

It was also interesting in the grocery store. The contrast of the different colors on the shelves and the aisles was almost dizzying. I found myself being a bit careful about where I stepped. I think my trip through airports next week might be interesting. At least with the new lens I can see the signs!

Forry had to empty both the black and gray tanks this afternoon so that we could both shower and run the dishwasher. It's the usual chores that have to be done around the RV whether we are traveling or sitting still.

It was another good Mariners game in Kansas City this afternoon. It's great to see the boys winning games against the Royals.

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