Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keiko San

 Photo: A Keiko San glamour shot~  :)
This is Keiko San, my Sister Sherry's mastiff. He won two Best of Breeds and a Group 2nd the show over in Puyallup this past weekend. Sister Sherry is still floating a bit on Cloud Nine following his wins this weekend. I think she gets a pretty big chuckle out  of her "farm dog" who loves to play soccer with bowling balls and play in the dirt. He's quite a contrast to the folks who fly into the shows with trainers and groomers. Sherry says this is a "glamour" shot taken by a professional dog photographer.

Basically my little Splendide Washer/Dryer does a week's laundry in three loads. One load of jeans and dark stuff, one of towels and other whites and the third of shirts that are hung on hangers to dry.It doesn't take that long and then we are done for another week. Though I may decide it's time to wash the sheets tomorrow...

When I got up this morning, Forry was washing some spots on the ceiling. Evidently there was one that was bugging him. Of course, when he took care of that one, he found another one... I can tell the shot he got last week has made a huge difference in how he feels. Now if we can just get the CPAP machine going...

I did try again this afternoon to get in contact with Apria. This time I only waited a little over five minutes on hold to begin with. But the lady who answered the phone didn't know anything; had no information on Forrest's prescription; didn't know anything about being able to sign a waiver (agreeing to pay for the machine just in case the insurance didn't pay. A way to get things moving before the final sign-off paperwork.) Since she didn't know anything about it, I asked to talk with a manager or supervisor. First she told me none was available. Then she said her supervisor was on the phone -- would I hold? Thirty-three minutes later she asked me if I still wanted to hold? I said I might as well, since I had already waited so long. Fifteen minutes later she came back and said her supervisor was not going to be available for a while, BUT SHE WOULD CALL ME BACK. Well, I don't need to tell you that was the last we heard.

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