Sunday, June 15, 2014

Short and Sweet

Made Auntie June's crab and macaroni salad this morning and took it with us to Brother Pat and Cindy's home in Moses Lake this afternoon. Sister Roxy and Rich had driven up from Yakima (they had taken Rich's Dad's ashes there for a Memorial at his folks' square dance club.) so Pat invited everyone for barbeque. All five of Pat and Cindy's grandkids were there -- with their parents -- and we even got to see Pat's youngest, Nick, when he got home from work.

Fresh peas from the garden, graciously picked for me by Nephew Jared; pork ribs from the smoker; potato salad and strawberry shortcake with strawberries from Pat's garden. Then a handful of blackcaps and yellow raspberries picked for me by Nephew Nick. Such a deal!

And such a lovely afternoon! Thank you Pat and Cindy!

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