Thursday, June 12, 2014

Once More

Once again, we made the twenty mile trek out to Liberty Lake and Camping World to return a step. The sad thing about it is that they did have a step just like our old one when we started looking, but now they are all out of them...

I stayed in the car (so I wouldn't be tempted) while Forry returned the step and the couple of cords I had picked up that don't fit the new phones... The place was hopping. Everyone must be either getting their rig fixed up of checked out for summer camping -- or maybe they are buying a new one. The entry lot was packed and there were rigs parked out on the street. There's an RV dealer across the street as well, so there were all their rigs as well. (They had some really cute Minnie Winnie trailers parked alongside the road -- a red, a yellow and a white one.)

We also made another stop at the AT&T store. We had gotten new SIM cards for our iPads, but neither of us could get the cards to pop out. Naturally, he took the fellow at the store less than two seconds to do it! He was nice, said it's easy when you do it every day.

We didn't do too much when we got back to Auntie Violet.  I poached the rest of a bag of prawns I had in the freezer, then chilled them to have in a salad for supper with avocados. I made a dressing with the lime olive oil we got in Arizona and lime juice and some cilantro that turned out to be really good.

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