Monday, June 2, 2014

A Long Frustrating, but Successful Day

Back in our flying days, we had a slogan, "Hurry Up and Wait" that is proving to be just as apropos for our RVing life. Seems like we 'd always get ready to go fly somewhere and then we'd have to sit around and wait for the weather to clear. That's kinda what today was like. We took our time getting packed up and ready to leave the motel since there was a twelve o'clock check-out time.

We figured that the fellows at R&R would get the hoses from the House of Hose this morning and would have them put in -- or close to it by the time we got there. Well, when we finally got to R&R - after a stop at Starbucks -- the hoses had just gotten there. Within a few minutes later, the guy from the shop came back with a very disgusted look. The hoses had the wrong end couplers on them! And they had sent one of the original hoses along with them for a model...

So that meant another trip to the House of Hose. In an another hour and a half or so. the guy was back with the correct hoses. By that time it was after three o'clock. As the lady behind the counter put it, Monday was one of those days from Hell. It seems like everytime the tech got a good start, some emergency would call him away. Finally, the foreman came out and told us - a little after four thirty - that they would be staying until our job was finished. And he would be giving us a 10% discount due to all the delays... (that was an especially good thing as our Extended Warranty doesn't cover belts nor hoses).

$544 and another hour or so later, we were finally on our way. I followed Forry in Toad II as he drove Auntie Violet over to Cheney and on to Ponderosa Falls RV Park. Now, with our tummies full, we are watching the lightening and listening to the thunder and the rain.

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