Monday, June 23, 2014

The Girls 'Gave Us the Bird!'

We drove down to the ranch this morning with Son-in-law Todd.  Daughter Dawn wanted some lilac shoots from the ranch for the yard at their new house. We had wanted to get some stuff from the storage trailer, but Forry left the keys at home.  We did find the missing keys to the little trailer -- right in the door where I seen them in my dream.

Barb, our tenant's wife, had the day off, so we had a chance to visit with her and get caught up on their two sons, Colby and Tyler. The wheat is definitely starting to turn, harvest is not too far off. We sent Todd off on his way back to Oregon and drove home via the Schrag place and the old highway. There's some good looking wheat out there!

Todd brought us a "May Present" yesterday. Along with Mother's Day, the month of May brings both of our birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Our daughters had found this incredible peacock at a kite shop near the ocean. It's a good four feet long with a tail that turns in the slightest breeze.


We all got quite a chuckle after someone commented that the girls had "given us the bird!" It especially appropriate since when we still lived on the ranch, we had a flock of almost thirty semi-feral peafowl. We put it outside today -- its fun to watch.

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  1. Gorgeous bird. If I could find something like that I'd love having it out front entertaining everyone!