Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drops and Patches

For a non-morning person, used to sleeping in, five fifteen came awfully early this morning. I had showered before I went to bed last night, so it was a matter of getting up, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, taking meds and getting out the door by 6 AM. We were at the Spokane Eye Surgery Clinic by 6:30, actually ten minutes for my appointment.

What a busy place! I don't know how many surgery suites they have, but it was a busy place. They take you back to a big easy chair that folds flat and actually goes into the surgery with you on it. After several more rounds of eye drops and an IV start, my doctor stopped by to visit; said he'd already done two this morning and that I'd be done before I knew it.

He was right. Of course, they draped my entire face so I couldn't see a thing. There was no pain, just a bit of pressure. In just a few minutes they were removing the drape and taping on an eye patch. They wheeled me back out, I had a glass of water, and I was sent home.

I had to wear the patch until five this afternoon. When Forry took it off for me,  we could see that the right eye is still very dilated. But I could see the Mariners on TV quite well without my glasses with that eye. Things are a little bit blurry, but they did tell me to expect that.

I must admit I have spent most of this very rainy drizzly day dozing or napping. I woke up this afternoon long enough to chat with Brother Pat, then fell back to sleep again. Nice drugs they gave me this morning! Now that the patch is off, it was back to the eye drop routine. (It goes on for the next four weeks.)

I have an appointment to see the surgeon again tomorrow morning at 8:20. Not quite as early as this morning, but early enough!

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