Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Momentous Day

Ever since Forry has had problems with his back hurting (during the last year or so), we've been working towards trying to do something about it. We started last fall with an MRI of his back, but ended up not going to the back specialist at NW Orthopedics because we ran out of time to get an appointment for injections before we had to be in Arizona. One of the first things I did before we even got back to Spokane this spring was make him an appointment with the back specialist. Dr. Powers reviewed the MRI from last fall and basically just shook his head at all of the stenosis. He thought we should go ahead and try some steroid injections and see if that would be helpful.

So today was Forry's appointment at the Injection Clinic at NW Ortho. We had to be there at 12:30 and we only waited a few moments before they called him back. The doctor did another quick exam, they started an IV, then sent me back to the waiting room. It was less then twenty minutes when they called me back to recovery. The nurse said everything seemed to go well. A couple of pieces of toast and a cup of coffee and I was allowed to take him home.

The clinic sent us home with a pain analysis sheet that asked for an evaluation of pain every hour for the next six hours, then in three days and finally after seven days. (That's something new from when I got spinal injections there several years ago.) So far, he's feeling pretty good and pain free. Let's just pray he continues to be that way!

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