Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to Camping World

After looking at and lifting the steel step we bought last week at Camping World, we finally decided it was just too heavy and too bulky to use. We usually store the step in Toad II, but it was so heavy. I should have expected that as it was all steel. So today we went out to Liberty Lake to the Camping World store to return it. We bought an aluminum one made by the same company, but after getting it home, we decided we just don't like this one either. Part of the problem is that it doesn't fold very flat. The one we have now folds down to about 1 1/2 inches, which is sometimes all we need when the coach isn't leveled very far off the ground. This new one's smallest height is 4 1/2 inches. Oh well, I guess we'll be driving the twenty miles back to Camping World again...

We stopped at the AT&T store on our way back and upgraded our cell phones. As I had suspected, if we combined the data bills for our iPads with the regular AT&T bill, we could save quite a bit of money. We did that and then replaced out 4s iPhones with the 5s. They are a bit slimmer than the the ones we had. But, I could not get the SIM cards out of the iPads so I could put the replacement SIMs in. So I guess when we take the step back, we'll take the iPads along back to the store so that they can use their tool to replace the SIM cards.

Bless Apple's heart, but they changed the charger connection for the phones once again. At least this time, I checked. That meant I had to buy a new charger for Toad II as well. It always seems like even though we trade phones, it gets expensive by the time we get chargers and cases and face shields.

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