Monday, June 9, 2014


I spent a good share of today "on hold" on the telephone. Forry got a message from the healthcare company that is supposed to set up his CPAP machine asking him to call them on their 800 number. Why they didn't just call instead of sending a text message, I don't know. (This is now two weeks after they had contacted us the first time and told us everything would be ready by the end of that week.) I called the 800 number and listened to their message saying they were so glad I'd called them and someone would be with me very shortly -- for 21 minutes!

At that point, I said the heck with the 800 number and called the number from which the original text had come. And listened to the same message for another 16 minutes. FINALLY, someone actually answered and then spent the next two minutes apologizing for the long period of time I had been on hold! (She seemed to know exactly how long it had been...)

But of course, she had no idea why we had gotten the original call! She spent some time asking the routine questions - name, birthdate etc. Said she had the original order for the CPAP, but she couldn't process it. Then she put me on hold again while she looked to see if she could locate the technician who had made the original call. She finally came back and said he was out to lunch (it was 2:45!) that she would have him call us when he got back - sometime before 5 PM.

I told her I thought I needed to talk with a supervisor and this was not acceptable. She assured me that she was the Customer Relations Specialist and that it would be taken care of this very afternoon.

It's now 8:42 PM. We have had no further contact with APRIA Healthcare...

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