Sunday, June 22, 2014

Company Time

Early this afternoon there was a knock on our door and a voice asking "is there anybody home?"

We were expecting our Son-in-law Todd later this afternoon on his way back from the PNMC in Kalispell, but he had gotten an earlier start. What a pleasant surprise. We had not seen him since last summer so it is a delight to have him here!

I had made dinner reservations at Clinkerdagger's down on the Spokane River and asked to be seated outside on the patio. Due to all the snow in the mountains since February, the river is running very high and full. It is spectacular to look at as well as listen to.

I am not always a fan of calamari, especially if it's rubbery, but what we had tonight was crisp and delicious. The salads (pea for me and Caesar for the guys) were fresh and crunchy. Forry and I split an order of BBQ ribs and still had more than we could eat (Todd brought part of his stuffed chicken home as well.). We persevered however, and managed to split an order of creme brulee three ways. (This restaurant introduced Spokane to creme brulee during the 1973 World's Fair.)

We're now home watching the US vs Portugal soccer World Cup game. We already know that it ended up a tie game of 2-2, but it's a fun game to watch, even if it is delayed broadcast.

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