Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Many Years Has It Been?

I woke up this morning to extremely clear vision in my right eye. I tried putting my glasses on, but that just made things blurry. At the Spokane Eye Clinic for my post-op check-up, Dr. Ranson told me my eyesight was now good enough to get a driver's license without even doing my left eye!

Forry and I were trying to figure out how many years I have worn glasses and have been unable to even see the bedroom clock without them. I think I was about eight years old. I hadn't been able to see the numbers on the score board at Dad's baseball games. I can remember coming back from Spokane with my new glasses and being surprised that the billboards had writing on them, not just pictures.

So that means it's been sixty-five or sixty-six years that I've needed glasses in order to find my way around in the wold. I did try contacts a couple of times, but ended up in agonizing pain in the middle of the night from irritated reactions to them.

So this going without glasses is a big deal for me. My astigmatism was so bad that I have never been without them. This is really going to take some getting used to.

I will probably be whining about all of the eye drops however. I need to put them in four times a day for the first week; three times a day for the next week; twice a day for the third week; then once a day for the fourth week. By that time, I'll have had the left eye done and will be starting the whole routine all over again!

Thought I'd share a picture of the beautiful roses I got last week when we were at Safeway. They have opened up and are absolutely gorgeous.

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