Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Father's Day makes me think about how things carry on through generations. We spent yesterday afternoon at my Brother Pat's house. All five of his grand-children were there with their parents. It is fascinating to both watch my brother interact with his grandchildren and the kids' Dads interact with them as well. Parenting has changed over the years and these Dads are much more hands-on then they were in our generation. (I recall my Father-in-law emphatically stating that "he had never changed a diaper!")

The two youngest little boys are still toddlers, busy little toddlers. Their Dads did the biggest share of chasing after as they played in the sandpile or the wading pool. (Though Nephew Jared got a lot of teasing from his sisters and wife after he said he had "baby-sat" for his children last week while his wife was working in Seattle for a couple of days. "How can you baby-sit for your own children?")

What probably hasn't changed is the obvious love for the little ones. Whether it's children or grand-children, it was pretty obvious they were treasured.

Forry had phone conversations with all three of our adult children today. No matter how old they are, they wanted to reach out and wish their Dad a Happy Father's Day.

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